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Way too often we are uncaring and unsupportive of ourselves. We can be very generous and loving towards others, but sometimes we forget to be loving and kind to ourselves.

If you have ever sat with guilt, or blaming yourself for what you did or did not do, you have been unloving to yourself.

Condemning oneself is none other than negative thinking, and well, it doesn’t feel very good.

Be good to yourself with these positive self affirmations. Repeat them often to create an inner state of well being and to feel terrific.

I choose to be strong

I decide to experience peace and calm

I am grateful for my good health

I am blessed all the time

I choose to be kind

I completely and deeply accept myself

I am grateful for the circumstances of my life

I choose to experience happiness daily

I can deal with anything thrown into my life

I choose to look at the positive qualities of myself

I am emotionally independent

I make the most out of every day

I choose to have total self-confidence

I am a beautiful person

I approve of myself

I free myself by accepting what is

I have all that I need at every moment

This massage by me to all : –

Generally speaking, when we say that we are not motivated to do something, we mean that we don’t feel like doing it or that we don’t find any reason that would make us want to do it.

Motivation and positive thinking make a difference on facing fears, on keeping on doing what you are busy with, and on taking up new challenges.

I distinguish between two types of motivation: 

  • Motivation to do the things that we want to do.
  • Motivation to do the things that we don’t want to do but we have to,
  • That is easy: sometimes you may want to do something so much, like painting or writing or going for a run, that you don’t need any motivation – you already have it. 

    You don’t need to think through the reasons why you want to do it, because they may seem obvious to you; you just want to do whatever that is. 


  •  such as a project at your job, or (taking from an experience of my own) to find a new flatmate. 

    Here it is where we want to feel motivated, so that we get on with our tasks without procrastinating and feeling bad about it. 

The strength of motivation and positive thinking combined



I have used motivation and positive thinking to reach different goals. 

It is much easier to get on to doing anything when you clearly know the reasons why you want to do it and you can identify the benefit you’ll get when you achieve your goal.The following steps combine motivation and positive thinking:

  1. Decide what you want. Many people cruise through this life not even knowing what they want, and just reacting to what comes along, either by accepting it or by rejecting it. 

    They don’t choose, as such. You know, you have the power to choose what you want. 

  2. Why do you want it? This is your motivation. Your reasons to have, be or do something must be strong enough to carry you through the path to your goal. 

    This is so you don’t give up, and you actually end up having what at the moment you can only imaging. 

  3. Use motivation and positive thinking together. You could use visualization techniques and positive affirmations to make you create now the feeling you will have when you achieve your goal.


With best regards,

Anurag Srivastava


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